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Publié le mercredi 11 mars 2015 , par Jean-Marie Vianney Havyarimana, the Webmaster

The DG of CAA officially opened a three day interractive meeting at Burundi Ciil Aviation Authority among CASSOA representative, Consultants and Burundi CAA management and senior staff. The Purpose of this meeting is developping strategic plan 2015-2020 of CASSOA within its stakeholders. These stakeholders are Civil Aviation Authorities, the CASSOA Patner States. The Plan will be the second that cassoa will have developped and is intending to enhance the Security and Safety of Aviation within all the Partners. The Former Executive Director (Barry Kashambo) added that, among other issues to be discussed in this meeting is the Corrective Action Plan of Burundi CAA.He said that Burundi CAA has a great deal to do to make sure that it moves from 27 percent it got from the ICAO audit up to 60 percent within two years.

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